TJX Processing Centres


Our Culture is really important to us. It makes us who we are.

What we’re like

We’re a family. And like every family, our differences make us unique – while our shared talents, passions, and values make us strong.

We thrive on the unique, it keeps our business fresh. We are always learning, we are curious and constantly looking to improve & evolve. We are as comfortable with the informal as we are with the formal. We listen, seek input, share thoughts and ask for help in problem solving.

Relationships are also important to our business. The connections we build with our colleagues, partners and suppliers underpin everything we do. We generate confidence and trust by being supportive and sharing stories of lessons learned.

We always try to do the right thing. We are down-to-earth, honest and fair in everything we do. We care about the impact of our business on the environment and want our communities and the people around us to thrive. We value what they contribute and prove this every day in the decisions and commitments that we make.

At TJX Europe, we embrace Diversity and inspire inclusion. We live and work in cities, towns and villages from Aberdeen in the UK to Zabrze in Poland. We believe each one of our associates brings something unique to our collective culture – a diversity of experience, gender, ethnicity, age, viewpoint and much more. At TJX, diversity isn’t something we tick off a checklist, it’s something we are proud of and celebrate.

At the very heart of our business is treating all of our customers and associates with dignity and respect and we have a long history, both as a retailer and an employer, of valuing diversity. We’re committed to creating an environment of inclusion in our business that reflects the wonderful diversity of our customer population, wherever we operate