TJX Processing Centres

What we do

How do we keep our stores stocked with exciting, big-name brands? With a cutting-edge supply chain model that makes sure the right merchandise is quickly and efficiently distributed to the right stores.

TJX Processing Centres

The quicker we can get merchandise to our stores, the quicker it’s sold, and the more new products our buyers can bring in to keep on surprising and delighting our customers. It’s all about the flow. In this way, our Processing Centres underpin the success of our entire business.

In order to keep up, our approach to warehousing, distribution and logistics is very sophisticated. We keep our supply chain short, and channel it through five main Processing Centres as well as a network of Cross Docking Centres.

Everything that we buy arrives at our Processing Centres. And we do mean everything. From dresses and shoes to sofas, candles, handbags and soap, this is where it all comes together. Here, our teams remove the transit packaging and prepare the products for sale. Bespoke orders for each of our stores are then dispatched to the Cross Docking Centres for regular delivery to our stores.

The journey of a product

Our whole business moves fast. In fact, when you see a product in one of our stores, it may have been bought as recently as eight weeks ago and sped through our supply chain to reach our customers.

Our buyers are on the hunt throughout the year for the hottest brand name and designer products of the season from fashion for the entire family to accessories, beauty and home. Let’s imagine a Buyer in Italy buys some handbags that are the right mix of brand, fashion, quality and price for our stores. What happens next?

  • First, the bags will be shipped to one of our Processing Centres
  • Next our Processing Centre team will prepare them for sale by unwrapping them, checking them and making sure they have the correct price tag
  • Then they will then be placed into orders for different stores

Off-price model

What is off-price?

Off-price is our business model. It means smart buying to bring designer and branded merchandise at up to 60% less than the recommended retail price and at a significant discount to prices in a department store or on the high street, all whilst running our business in a very lean and efficient way so we can pass the savings on to our customers.

Off price at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to exceptional value and quality in our approach to buying. We support our buying approach with a sophisticated and responsive distribution network which moves at an incredible pace to bring our rapidly changing mix of merchandise at amazing value to our stores and online.

We have a no frills store presentation and way of working, although we never compromise either the comfort of our customers or our relationships with our suppliers.